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These 10 culinary delights of Bantul must be tried if you are on vacation to Jogja

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Culinary delights of Bantul

Jogja is known as a favorite tourist city for tourists. Not only has many cultural tourist destinations, nature tourism to shopping tours are no less interesting. Apart from that, Jogja is also known for having many delicious culinary destinations, you know!

Yup, you might be used to eating warm and bakpia when visiting Jogja. But, don’t you get bored of eating the same food? In fact, if you want to explore the outskirts of Jogja, you will find typical foods that are sure to be delicious.

So, this article will review some of the delicious culinary destinations that you can find in the Bantul area. What are you doing? Come on, see culinary delights of Bantul!

1. Sate sor talok

For those of you who like processed goat meat, you really have to travel to Bantul to taste this satay. Tender goat meat with large enough pieces combined with the dominant spices. The taste of processed goat menus in this shop is indeed unique and distinctive.

When visiting there, you can order goat satay or tongseng which is a recommendation. So, just go straight to Jalan Pramuka in the Rice Fields Area, Bantul.

culinary delights of Bantul

2. Mie pentil

Another culinary that you can’t miss when visiting Bantul is pentil noodles. This is because pentil noodles are popular as a culinary icon of Bantul. It’s simple, a serving of pentil noodles wrapped in teak leaves consists of yellow or white noodles topped with chili sauce and fried onions. The sambal itself is made from a mixture of boiled chilies, salt and sugar.

How unique is it called pentil noodles? The reason is because the texture of these noodles is indeed more chewy than noodles in general, so they are similar to nipples or bicycle rubber. A pack of pentil noodles is usually priced at only IDR 1,000, you know. Very cheap right? This is suitable as a breakfast menu.

3. Pecel belut

When you travel to the Bantul area, you will see that there are still many rice fields there. That is also one of the reasons why the eel pecel menu first appeared in Bantul.

The main raw material in the form of eel or “welut” in Javanese is indeed found there. A serving of eel pecel consists of rice, spinach, kenikir leaves, papaya leaves, long beans, bean sprouts, and of course fried eel.

4. Sate klatak

Duh, you will regret it if you go to Jogja but don’t stop by to taste the satay klatak menu. Klatak satay is mutton satay which is seasoned with salt and skewered using an iron. It is said that the name klatak itself comes from the ‘klatak-klatak-klatak’ sound that appears when goat meat sprinkled with salt is being grilled.

So, if you want to try the famous culinary satay klatak in Jogja, the Bantul area should be your main destination. In Bantul, there is a famous satay klatak stall, Pak Pong satay stall, one of them.

5. Mie lethek

It’s not complete to visit Jogja, especially Bantul, before tasting its typical culinary, lethek noodles. Lethek noodles are available in two menus, namely fried and boiled.

Similar to the Javanese noodle menu in general, the only difference is the color of the noodles which are darker and duller. That’s why this noodle menu is called lethek noodles. The word letek in Javanese means dirty. But don’t get me wrong, lethek noodles have a unique and delicious taste.

6. Gudeg manggar

The gudeg menu is definitely very popular in Jogja. Almost all tourists who come to the city of Jogja will certainly hunt for this culinary. But for those of you who are bored with jackfruit-based gudeg in general, you can try the famous gudeg manggar culinary in Bantul.

Manggar, aka coconut flower, turns out to be delicious, you know, it is made into a gudeg menu. Uniquely, this gudeg manggar has a taste that is not only savory and sweet, but also spicy.

One of the famous gudeg manggar stalls in Bantul is on Jalan Bantul no 32, the corner of Benteng Kulon.

7. Sate kronyos

The name kronyos satay may not be as popular as gudeg or bakpia. But who would have thought, this Bantul culinary is increasingly known and in great demand, you know.

Sate kronyos or what used to be known as satay kere is satay made with the basic ingredients of koyor and beef fat. The taste is savory, sweet, fatty, and chewy at the same time, making this dish much sought after.

8. Mangut lele

Mbah Marto’s mangut lele has been famous for decades. That said, Mbah Marto has even immortalized his life for approximately 60 years to preserve this catfish mangut dish.

Mangut lele is processed catfish with coconut milk and spicy seasoning. This menu is popular around Jogja and the Central Java region. Some use the basic ingredients of smoked catfish, but some are fried. Mangut catfish has a distinctive taste, which is savory from catfish meat and coconut milk and spicy from the chilies in the broth.

So, if you are traveling to Jogja, you really have to go to the Bantul area, to be precise, in Nggeneng Hamlet to taste Mbah Marto’s mangot.

9. Ayam goreng Mbah Cemplung

Don’t miss this one menu if you visit Bantul. Yes, Mbah Cemplung’s fried chicken is one of the favorite culinary destinations that is already famous for its delicacy. Apart from that, this Ingkung chicken restaurant also has a large area and is perfect for dining with large families.

Mbah Cemplung’s fried chicken is slightly different from fried chicken in general. Fried chicken that is soft but still chewy is deliberately fried briefly in hot oil. The seasoning that seeps in will taste very delicious, especially if it’s been paired with warm, fluffier white rice.

10. Ingkung Mbah Kentol

One of the famous culinary delights of Bantul is ingkung chicken. Ingkung chicken is processed chicken that is cooked whole or not cut into pieces.

This menu is a traditional menu that is well known and continues to be preserved. Because of the large portion, you should invite friends and family if you want to eat this culinary.

So can’t wait to explore Bantul to try culinary delights of Bantul above? Come on, schedule an immediate culinary hunt in Bantul!

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